Services We Offer

Most O.K. Tire locations are complete "Under The Car" service centers. What we mean by this is that all of your brake, suspension, exhaust service, along with your tire service, can be handled by a certified mechanic at an O.K. Tire & Auto Service location.

Saskatoon O.K. Tire locations also offer full mechanical services for complete vehicle maintenance such as batteries, oil changes & lubes, air-conditioning, computerized Diagnostic Service and tune ups. Some locations also offer SGI safety inspections. For a detailed listing of what each of our Saskatoon stores offer, view our Locations page.

Brake, exhaust, shocks or struts and/or alignment service performed by an O.K. Tire & Auto Service location is guaranteed across Canada at all O.K. Tire locations*.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

  • You will have a safer & more reliable car
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • You will lower overall repair costs by preventing costly “breakdowns”
  • You will protect the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions
  • You will keep your vehicle warranty intact
  • You will have a vehicle that feels newer longer
  • You will have a higher resale value

Operating conditions such as climate extremes, short trips or extensive engine idling, place the most severe demands on your vehicle.

In Canada most driving is done under these severe conditions, particularly during the winter months and in congested urban areas.

For ultimate vehicle performance and reliability, it is recommended the maintenance service schedules outlined in your vehicles Owners Manual be followed.

Discuss your driving habits with your O.K. Tire Service professional to determine the appropriate service intervals for your vehicle.

Have a fully qualified O.K. Tire Dealer inspect your vehicle, especially before a major road trip and/or at the intervals recommended in your vehicle owners manual.

Having an inspection done by a qualified O.K. Tire Dealer will give you peace of mind in knowing an expert has given your vehicle a proper assessment. Your O.K. Tire Dealer will indicate those items that require immediate service and those items that will require service in the coming months.

(*Service availability may vary from location to location.)